Can Children Have Bipolar Disorder?

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Can Children Have Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder in children is possible. It’s most often diagnosed in older children and teenagers, but bipolar disorder can occur in children of any age.

Bipolar disorder in children

Here are some signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder in children:

📌 Severe mood swings that are different from their usual mood swings.

📌 Hyperactive, impulsive, aggressive, or socially inappropriate behavior.

📌 Risky and reckless behaviors that are out of character.

📌 Insomnia or significantly decreased need for sleep.

📌 Depressed or irritable mood most of the day, nearly every day.

📌 Grandiose and inflated view of own capabilities.

📌 Suicidal thoughts or behaviors in older children and teens.

Bipolar disorder treatment

Consult a mental health provider who specializes in working with children and teens.


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