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Healthy Skin For Children

In this part of the world, less care is given to the skin of children and it shouldn’t be so. Children sure deserve fresh and clear skin too.

Why should I take care of my child’s skin?

At the childhood stage, children get exposed to germs and dirt and also tend to have lots of cuts and scars on their skin due to their hyperactivity and playfulness. While some of these scars tend to clear up after a while, some don’t so it’s important to take care of their skin.

Also, children learn better from what they see, so seeing you take care of their skin will make them continue when they are adults.

How can I take care of my child’s skin?

  • Keep them hydrated: Yes!!! Water is very important! Kids should drink enough clean water to stay hydrated. This contributes greatly to healthy skin.
  • Eat healthy meals: Kids’ diet should contain nutrients that are good for them and their skin. Fruits should be a major part of their diet.
  • Avoid chemicals: Avoid using chemicals on your child’s skin as much as you can, natural ointments and oils are better.
  • Bath regularly: Kids need to bathe regularly, especially after getting dirty while playing.
  • Wear appropriate outfits: Kids should be dressed appropriately according to the weather.
  • Use mild soaps and soft sponges: Mild soaps and soft sponges should be used to bathe children because they have sensitive skin.
  • Monitor them: keep an eye on them when playing.
  • Teach them basic hygiene: Ensure your children understand basic hygiene.


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