Child Healthcare System Strengthening

Sustained improvement in health service delivery in developing countries such as Nigeria is dependent on the quality, equity and efficiency of health systems. Strong health systems prevent, detect, and respond to deadly diseases, promote the well-being of people, and save lives.

Lluvia Health is committed to making a valuable contribution to the area of childcare system strengthening through the provision of critical resources, technical expertise, meaningful collaboration, and resource mobilization through advocacy. In support of that commitment, we have implemented a variety of initiatives designed to promote the health and well-being of children in Nigeria using evidenced-based approaches and international best practices.

Our operational model involves the provision of key interventions that address the core-functions or building blocks of Health System Strengthening leveraging on the strength and experience of our workforce, inspired by global best practices and backed by scientific evidence.

Our multidisciplinary workforce consists of seasoned development professionals with a background in health service delivery, health advocacy, project management and quality improvement through which we implement high impact initiatives designed to improve quality, coverage and access to care for children.

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