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Thermometer For Children

Some parents feel like the back of their hands are thermometers.

Different types of Thermometer suitable for kids:

?Rectal Thermometer: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a rectal thermometer for children three years old or younger. That’s because rectal thermometers provide the most accurate reading for young kids.

?Oral Thermometer: Once your child is 4 or 5 years old, they can handle oral thermometers. Make sure they keep their mouth closed when the thermometer is placed under their tongue.

?Tympanic (Ear) Thermometer: These provide quick results—in just a few seconds—and generally keep kids relaxed and comfortable.

? Temporal (Forehead) Thermometer: You can choose a temporal scanner if your little one doesn’t tolerate other types of thermometers. They’re fast and fairly accurate.

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