Foods To Avoid In Babies Under 1-Year-Old

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Foods To Avoid In Babies Under 1-Year-Old

Children younger than 4 years old are at the highest risk of choking since they haven’t quite mastered chewing and their digestive system can not be compared to an adult who can consume any food without major consequences.

Here are some foods you should avoid until at least your baby is more than 1 year old;

  • Honey (contains a bacteria that can be harmful to your baby)
  • Fruit juice (too sugary and can cause tooth decay & diarrhea)
  • Unpasteurized drinks (contain bacteria harmful to your baby)
  • Foods that can be a choking hazard (nuts, beans, peas, etc).
  • Hard foods (meat chunks, whole apples, carrots, smash them). It can cause developing teeth to break.

Do you know any other types of foods that shouldn’t be given to a baby under 1?

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