SHYNESS & CHILDREN : How To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

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SHYNESS & CHILDREN : How To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

What is SHYNESS?

Shyness is a normal response to what a child perceives as scary or overwhelming.

Shy Kids Do These

  • Look at the ground around unfamiliar people.
  • Not speak voluntarily in a social situation.
  • Watch but not join other children in play.

Occasional shyness is an appropriate adaptive response that most children will experience as a normal part of development. But in some cases, shyness can be extreme and this is what can cause parents to worry. Extreme shyness can make it difficult for children to develop appropriate social interactions and friendships. If not addressed, these problems with social interactions can carry over to adulthood.


  • Model confident behavior with others: Be friendly towards strangers in supervised settings and model a relaxed attitude about
    social interactions of all kinds.
  • Empathize with your child’s behavior and avoid shaming.
  • Teach your child social skills: This can be as simple as arranging play dates or participation in playgroups.
  • Provide positive reinforcement and praise for your child: Look for opportunities to build their self-esteem and confidence.


It is important to remember that it can be a temporary issue with the right intervention.

If your child’s shyness is persistent or severe enough to interfere with everyday life and friendships, seek help from your pediatrician to find a therapist who can provide treatment.

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