Your Mental Health Is Affecting Your Child (For Parents/Guardian)

February 6, 2022 8 months ago leave a comment 71 Views Likes: 1

Your Mental Health Is Affecting Your Child (For Parents/Guardian)

Like many illnesses and diseases, mental health disorders tend to run in the family and can be passed down from parent to child.

This risk increases even more if both parents have a mental health disorder.

Dealing with depression as a parent could inadvertently impact how you interact with your child. For example, you may not be as expressive or form an emotional connection, which can impact the bond between parent and child.

It may also impact the physical aspects of your child’s life. This situation can deteriorate a relationship, leading to abandonment issues or problems with trust.

It’s also important to know just because a parent has a mental health condition doesn’t necessarily mean it will have an impact on their children.

Make sure as a parent you are constantly taking care of your mental health.


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